by Wolphe

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released December 31, 1992



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Wolphe Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: La Cenaida
here i am
left so far
and im not mad
but its too hard
to smile and laugh
is it worth while
i stop to ask as
i walk alone

i wake up to the dreams in my head thats i'll never understand, i'd be glad to be gone
dead at dawn never to be reborn
a home is so foreign, your own son is blind
show me the world that i left behind
nothing more to hide not even a reason to lie
the seasons unexpectedly changing
but i cant die

i want to look into my own eyes but no my own reflection
i wanna feel the affection, i paint a picture in my head
and every breath that i breathe is for you
i scream for you to stay but it's long too late
but ive learned to appreciate your bravery
and smile with a straight face
and accentuate that craziness you gave to me
and maybe soon someday we'll see a reason
i look to the horizon in hopes to find you
i faintly hear a cry of the sounds of your voice
but i can finally see that you made the right choice
but i believe i never had you even though you had me
please try to remember and maybe say a prayer
just as long as we both know each other are somewhere out there

i rearrange the pages of the pages i've progressed
a man the remains nameless so forget about the rest
i blame it on the rage and uncontrollable depression but the question would be best if answered by the ones who made me
where is this tunnel taking me?
i hate to wake and see a face in agony
you had me at abandoned
a story of a child who never had a true family
i can handle what i'm given and i'll find the rest myself